Clean World Maintenance is a professional cleaning services company serving all of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada & Arizona.

Residential Cleaning

A clean home by Clean World Maintenance

For a fresh, clean environment, you can count on Clean World Maintenance. Our professionals carefully clean your home from bathrooms to living areas. We don’t simply spread dust from one place to another, we provide environmentally-friendly detailed cleaning services. This includes:

  • Bathrooms. Bacteria in the bathroom is well known. Our professionals give special attention to such things as showers, sinks and even toilets which can allow bacteria to thrive.
  • Kitchens. Kitchens can contain more bacteria than bathrooms. We expertly clean every part of your kitchen.
  • Living rooms. Special attention is given to every detail of your most commonly used room. From furniture to fireplaces we don’t miss a spot.
  • Bedrooms. Everything is checked and double checked, including closets. Odors are given special attention. We clean and sanitize.

At CWM we center on areas that collect dust. Dust is not plain dirt, there’s fungus and bacteria in pet dander, skin cells, bug waste, and a variety of other contaminants. We won’t miss a spot in keeping your house safe and environmentally clean.

Window Cleaning

A dirty window can make a whole room look unclean. Clean World Maintenance provides expert window cleaning services you can trust.. and really see a difference.

Expert window cleaning for your home

We use the following techniques depending on the need:

A dirty window can make a whole room look unclean. Clean World Maintenance provides expert window cleaning services you can trust. Some of our window cleaning services are:

  • Interior and exterior windows
  • Storm windows
  • Skylight cleaning
  • Mirror cleaning
  • High outside windows
  • Outdoor light fixtures and much more

A Company that uses Safe Cleaners

Our professionals use safe cleaners to remove mineral deposits before cleaning. Decals are removed, screens are removed and cleaned thoroughly. Dirt, pollutants and other materials are rinsed away. Dust inside window frames are cleaned to prevent leaving streaky or murky residue. Using CWM you can count on bright clean windows.

Carpet Cleaning

The best home Carpet Cleaner

A Better Environment for your Family!

Our busy lives can cause carpets to quickly become dirty. Our homes should be a haven of safety for the entire family, including our pets. At Clean World Maintenance we ensure our work is exceptional and that we use the safest products.

Some of the techniques we use on your carpets

  • We use the latest in technology and seasoned, professional technicians to provide brilliant carpet cleaning results.
  • Stubborn heavy traffic walkways, and stains are given special attention using truck mounted hot water extraction.
  • For exceptional short dry times we can use rotary buffing. This method calls for spraying the surface with cleaning solution and using what is called Bonneting. An oscillating brush or pad is used to attract dirt in order to remove the toughest problems.
  • We use an encapsulation process, a cleaning solution is applied to carpets surrounding the dirt, and crystallizing it for easy removal. Vacuuming then easily removes the residue giving you a bright clean carpet. This is also a fast drying method.

Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Upholstery Cleaning by Clean World Maintenance

Special Attention to your Upholstery

At Clean World Maintenance, we view upholstery cleaning as an art as well as a science. Velvet, suede, chenille, corduroy, polyester-acrylic blends, and other materials are always given the same meticulous attention. Our Upholstery Cleaning services include:

  • Vacuuming to remove dust, dirt and pet hair
  • Are cleaned using environmentally green cleaning solutions
  • Stain removal
  • Odor elimination

Call us today to make an appointment to bring your home into a tip-top, spotlessly clean home environment for you and the whole family!

Start moving toward a cleaner and healthier environment right away. Your family and friends will feel the difference!

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We Are a Green Company

  • our employees are trained to use green cleaning techniques We train our employees utilizing green cleaning techniques for eco-friendly and healthy working or home enviornments.
  • Protect the health of your employees and customers Utilizing green cleaning services improves the health of employees and customers.
  • Reduce employee employee sick timeKeep your staff productive by reducing the risk of sickness with green cleaning products.
  • Our Green products meet with clean product standardsGreen cleaning products meet the standards for skin absorption combustability and inhalation toxicity.